Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Vegan Feasts and Meetups

We're at the time of the year where I have to stop procrastinating and actually work for a month or two to finish my projects, therefore few updates here. There are some interesting things going on though, and a few have to do with websites.
  1. HospitalityClub is a site where travellers can search for accommodation and those who have extra room can post their profiles so these travellers can stay on the couch or wherever. I just joined in recently and had my first visitors, a fun vegetarian couple of globetrotters, really great people.
  2. VeganSocialClub of Beijing!!! My most recent finding, it appears there's 10 or so people gathering every week for a vegan meal, so this Thursday there shall be one more! Yay!
And since people say this blog is all about food, I shall have to post some pictures of our recent vegan feast where the veg. couple are present and so are some of my local vegetarian friends. The cooking was done mainly by one of these local friends, I made some too, including this tofu thing I just invented and was quite happy with, but maybe I'll try some further improvements before posting a recipe. Now I'm thinking I should've taken pictures of the food. Hmh.


Christopher said...

Jari! Thanks for attending our Vegan Social Club of Beijing dinner last week, and really hope you join us again this week.

dreamy said...

Cool! I didn't knew there's a vegan social club of beijing! Do post your tofu recipe soon!

Luaay said...

hey,it was such a delight see your self on vegan blog!