Thursday, 17 May 2007


Who? I'm a vegan guy from Finland, into travelling, languages, hiking, running, swimming, dancing tango, cooking, reading, writing, trying new things -- anything that doesn't hurt others.

What? For years I've had a dream of travelling around the world, at a slow pace, spending possibly decades at it. I want to see every place there is, spend a few months everywhere, and figure out what the nicest place was then.

Where? I'm starting from China. I've actually spent over two years in China when starting this blog, and other countries are likely to see less time spent in them. But China was always an interest to me.

When? I'm starting the "charity business" that should fund the travels and give me location freedom in 2008. Before that, I'm based in Beijing, but certainly travelling around.

How? How to travel would be mostly by ground transportation, I want to avoid air travel mostly due to the pollution but also because it's just more fun to see the gradual changes to different cultures and environments. How to fund the travels is something that I'm about to start soon, a company of my own providing services that can be done from anywhere for other companies, and most importantly, putting all profits into charity.


chana said...

I am trying to be 100% raw but keep reaching for the techina!
How do you make the leap into the purely raw world?

Travegan said...

Hi, don't ask me how to take a leap into the purely raw world, I'm just a regular vegan, not raw. Somehow raw foods don't feel like a full meal to me, but it probably just takes getting used to. I am considering eating more raw, they say it helps against skinburn at least. But what's "techina"?

Janina said...

Jari, "Techina" on seesamitahna eli tahini. Hepreankielinen versio on tuo techina

Emma Larocque said...

Hi Jari - I am the blog manager at Vegan Mainstream ( and I wondered if you might be interested in writing a guest post about your blog for our Weekend Blog Reads feature for an upcoming theme called The Vegan Globetrotter. If you are, email me at and I'll give you more details. Thanks - Emma Larocque

Zoe14 said...

Er, I'm here because I googled "vegan travel", it seems to me you've stopped updating this blog.

Hello from a Chinese vegan studying in France.