Thursday, 30 August 2007

1st German meal

Time came to start trying the German foods I brought over. I started by boiling potatoes and then started to make a sauce for it, just your traditional brown sauce in principle but I put some onions and quite a lot of mushrooms in there, I thought I was overdoing it with the mushrooms but it was actually really good. Then I went on to fry the first bit of the German foods, Cowgirl steaks they were called, I think. Really tasty, good texture and just the right amount of spices. I fried up the rest of the mushrooms to make company for them.

My friend wanted the broccoli boiled, and that's simple enough, so I put it boiling and fried up the "tofu pizza", as odd as it sounded. Two slices of spiced tofu, they were pretty good also but didn't really resemble pizza in any way. I decorated that with the Plamil egg-free mayonnaise. Best dinner I've had in a while, and there's tons of the German foods left. :-)


dreamy said...

The cowgirl steaks and tofu pizza looks fattening but yum! :d

Travegan said...

They were good... fattening probably too, but that hardly matters if one doesn't eat them all the time.