Monday, 18 June 2007


Back to civilization! And straight to shower... That was the feeling when hitting Singapore. Singapore seems to be just what it's famed to be: modern, clean and efficient. The parallel to it being wet didn't apply during my visit at least, it hardly rained at all. Maybe I'm just lucky. Aside from Hong Kong this seemed to be the only place in Asia where cars actually stop when someone is stepping to a zebra crossing.

Singapore has a large number of vegetarian restaurants and it seemed you're never too far from one. The quality of them didn't make any great impressions, however, they all seemed fine, but nothing to write home about in all honesty. But their sheer number makes it seem it's easy to be vegetarian or vegan in Singapore. What was more impressive were the gorgeous tropical fruits squeezed into great fruit juices all over the place! Yes, the fruits and even the juices existed in Indonesia also, but not here in the north. It's that, the beaches, the rainforest (something I didn't really expect in a concrete jungle!), the tropical scenes, all services being easily available in a modern city with efficient public transport, nice people, and places to dance that tell me that this could indeed be my next destination. I've never experienced an eternal summer before, or even a non-white Christmas! I don't have much time to write this in all detail now so I'll just post a picture collection instead.


Angela said...

Jari, seems you had a very interesting trip to Singapore..nice food and beautiful pictures. The turtle one is amazing. I love the flowers too;) Please take care and I'll talk to you soon:)

dreamy said...

Ah, that's disappointing to hear about Singapore's food quality hahaha...
if you ever go Malaysia, you shld try out their veg food, I dunno if it's as good as Indonesia, but it's certainly better than Singapore :)

It hasn't been raining these few days.. but if you come during the end of the year or january, it will rain a lot.

Travegan said...

Yes, Singapore was nice, and I love turtles! Well, like all animals, but turtles are cuter than most.

I'll definitely see about the veg food in Malaysia when I get there, I didn't know it was so yummy! And looking forward to the rain when I get there, rain is fun! :-)

dreamy said...

I prefer stayin indoors when it rains, and have a good nap :) probably can't do this once i start working.

Yup, it's more yummy and you can also find different dishes not sold in sg.

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