Friday, 2 May 2008


For once no big delay in my blog entry! Yesterday I had a day in Paris on my way to Brazil (where I'm currently waiting for room cleanup and listening to the pouring rain). Only changing planes for a few hours, but I went to the city, snapped a lot of photos and had a great meal. So I'll put here a few photos of Paris, but let me tell you of the dinner place. It's just south of Notre Dame cathedral, a place called Le Grenier de Notre-Dame. It's a vegetarian restaurant, and vegan foods are clearly marked in both French and English. I forget the name of the dish I ordered, but it was something bérbéré. I think it was the only one. Only order it if you're hungry, it's quite a lot for one person, and the best thing in it is the homemade seitan, it's truly delicious! But expensive also, around 17 euros.


Neta558 said...

Hey, this is not the post I've been waiting for! :P
It's cool that you had time to go out on your connection, looks like a lovely meal.
(but it's not homemade, it's restaurant-made!)

Jari (travelling-vegan) said...

Ok ok, hope the next one is more to your taste. :-P Well, they called it homemade, and it could be, perhaps the chef made it at home... Well, not factory produced in any case.

Luaay said...

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